Panacea Project®

The Panacea Project Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise working within both the private and public sector.

Our clients range from private individuals or larger groups. Some may be referred by their employer, doctor or solicitor to aid healing, stress levels and the capability to manage their own emotions. Others might find their way to us to simply enjoy a program that enhances their overall health and wellness.

We also work within the public sector to include residents and employees of HMPPS (Her Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service).

The Panacea Project® is an 8-week step by step trauma-sensitive project.
This specialist wellness program uses a mindful approach of healing modalities such as neurolinguistics, acupressure techniques, sound current, meditation, narratives, deep relaxation techniques and visualization, breath-work and yoga with weekly actionable steps for emotional management.

A process that empowers the student to grow as the program grows. A place and program that doesn’t just offer true healing but gives participants the tools and skills to hone in on their own inner strengths and gifts, a place where students have the courage to recognize and reveal their own unique story their treasure and true calling.

This is a space where ancient yogic science meets the neuroscience of today, a bridge between science and spirituality.

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