Group Classes

Candlelit Kundalini Yoga

Every Friday from 7pm to 8pm.

The Vault, 31 Station Road, Wallsend, NE28 6RL

£11 per session. £60 for a 6 Class Pass. £99 for a 10 Class Pass.

Candlelight has a calming effect on the mind, particularly in moments of stillness, when turning off the world and tuning into oneself. The calming effect of candlelight can be a simple yet sacred tool to help reduce stress and increase self-awareness.

Candlelit Kundalini Yoga Classes are a great way to unwind your week and relax into your weekend.

Booking is essential. 8 spaces available only.

No yoga experience necessary. Please bring your own mat and arrive 10-15 minutes early for class, to allow you time to settle in.

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